Living in Two Worlds – Our Spiritual Journey

Nov 29, 2022 my blog

There is an old story of a shrewd Sage who was working in his nursery one day when a profound searcher came to him and requested that how become edified. The educator hauled an onion out of the nursery and said dig an opening around there for this onion where the dirt is rich and fruitful. That’s what the understudy did and at that time had a revelation, an enlivening.

I’ll clear up this for you in one moment, however this story is ordinary of a large number of the narratives like the illustrations in the Good book that have an implying that can be perceived at various levels.

This brief tale addresses the idea of the spiritual podcast profound way and that is to eliminate blocks, agony and battle while uncovering the profound reality of adoration, light and harmony inside. Uncovering the onion is lined up with disconnecting from the numerous things that keep us from finding and associating with our internal soul truth, and replanting the onion is figuring out how to fill in the rich soil of our inward nature.

The complexity we experience with life is that we are laid out residents of two universes and we live in both all the while. Jesus said you are on the planet yet not of the world. We connect in an external world with our actual requirements and the requests of our families, companions and vocations, and we likewise have an internal universe of profound encounters, scholarly revelations, and otherworldly mindfulness.

Our profound excursion is tied in with figuring out how to actually live in the two universes, and for this we really want strategies that help us in both.

There are numerous things we gain from books, addresses and our connections with others, however in the otherworldly domain we should figure out how to have our own inward immediate encounters. Perusing something in a book isn’t adequate for the changes in cognizance that are important for our profound development. Books can surely help, yet otherworldly change is an interaction that happens inside. What we experience in this manner is different in quality and impact from what we aggregate apparently from perusing, watching or tuning in.

This can be delineated with a more present day otherworldly story of a wise living in a cutting edge city, yet who was likewise carrying on with a profoundly profound life. On one occasion he went to a bank to cash a check and the teller expresses that for the bank to cash the check every individual should give 2 distinct types of recognizable proof. The sage ventured into his wallet and showed the teller a driver’s permit, which the was acknowledged as legitimate recognizable proof, however at that point when the teller requested a second ID the sage took out a mirror and looked cautiously into it and said, “OK, it is me.”